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We are very proud of our products and even more so when we can help ease pain and suffering! Please find out how some of our customers have experienced Lightair IonFlow 50 by clicking on the introduction of each testimonial...



Karin van der Hoor
End-consumer, Holland
"Since my daughter Noa was born (two years old now), we have been struggling with her health..."

We visited many specialists and she used many antibiotics but nothing helped. It only got worse and she doesn’t want to take medicines anymore. Also the inhaler didn’t bring any relief. She had to use Flexotide three times a day and besides that, when she was coughing she needed Ventolin three times a day. Despite all this she was sick once every two weeks and could not catch sleep. We were informed about LightAir. We bought a system which we placed in her bedroom. What an invention! Noa does not have to inhale medicines anymore and she sleeps much better. Once in a while she still has these coughing attacks but because she has enough rest now she is much stronger and can cope with it without medicines.

Dawna Ballard
End-consumer, USA
"I love my LightAir--it is rare to find something so beautiful that is also so well engineered (from a health perspective) as well!"

It was beautiful.  Then I checked and realized that it was also better in terms of what it did than all other purifiers (and without ozone). It helped our allergies (sinus problems).

Adam Jeffrey
End-consumer, Moscow, Russia
"We have been very impressed with your LightAir IonFlow 50 air purifier..."

...from the moment we assembled it. We were worried about the amount of pollutants that we were breathing in on a daily basis (living in such a huge and polluted city as we do) and seeing the results really eases our minds. Your product is quiet, effective and easy to maintain, and we do not know what we would do without it!

Kevin Cole
End-consumer, US military base, Japan
“We bought this for our daughter who has some serious respiratory problems…”

…and it has helped a great deal, however what we did not expect is the benefits for our son who is allergic to household dust. The impact on him has been incredible

Bertil Hopstadius
End-consumer, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
 “Incredible result in a short time for our daughter….”

Our daughter, now 18 years old, has during her childhood suffered of sore throat, cough, nasal catarrh and slight asthmatic problems. For about two years ago the problems escalated with severe cough and breathing problems. After months of coughing and visits to doctors she finally got a three month medicine cure for asthmatic problems and also an inhalator for use when it was necessary. After that it was ok for a couple of months but then all the problems came back (nose, cold, sour throat, cough).
We had talked about getting an air cleaner, but to get a teenager to put something that’s not “cool” in her room isn’t easy!! Then I saw the LightAir IonFlow 50 air purifier and with its modern design size and function, it was something my daughter was willing to try.
We bought it in the beginning of September 2008, at that time my daughter had cough, sore throat and nasal problems. Just 8-10 days after installation she started notice an   improvement  in her health and  after that she have not had any cough, sore throat or   asthmatic problems!!  LightAir IonFlow 50 has made her health and life so much better in  so short time. She is very thankful to this product.
Other benefits with the air purifier are that there is no noise from it and very easy maintenance. It is a pleasure for me to recommend LightAir IonFlow 50 to people with health problems for example asthma and allergies, or for people that just would like to have clean air!

Madeleine Ladou
End-consumer, Stockholm, Sweden
"We both breathe much better: living in central Stockholm, Sweden, with quite heavy traffic in our neighbourhood, we like this very much..."

In my case I don't get panic attacs anymore because I can't breathe. Cool design - great that the function of LightAir of collecting dust particles is actually a part of the look. When dust settles it only looks cooler.. You can really show this one off! (Our other purifyer looks awful so that one is hidden in a corner in the bedroom.)

Andrew Dickey
End-consumer, Florida, USA
"We have been extremely satisfied with our LightAir IonFlow 50 in regards to air purification and design!  We also receive numerous inquiries from guests who like the design and then inquire as to the benefits of air purification..."

Our family did not have a particular problem, but in a new build, loft style apartment with exposed concrete, much of the concrete rubs off into the air. Therefore, we feel our LightAir IonFlow has assisted in capturing some of this dust in the air. We feel the biggest difference in the morning, as this is when we spend the most time breathing in the air in our apartment.  Regarding health, with no original health issues, its tough to say it has improved our health or life, but it is great piece of mind.

Gagin Thibaut
End-consumer, Den Haag, Holland
"The Lightair system catches particles in suspension..."

...and does it extremly well. The amount of dust it catches is simply incredible. Be prepared to aerate the rooms more often and clean a little bit more! But it is worth it as we could put an allergic situation under control and that is priceless.

Gerd Braun
End-consumer, Salzburg, Austria
"Seen LightAir first in an Austrian weekly magazin ("Standard") I liked the design and the philosophy behind it..."

Without having a health problem we like the atmosphere around the LightAir. We recommended it to our friends. Schöne Grüße aus Salzburg,

Gerd Braun

Laurens Ruster
End-consumer, Holland
"Since we bought the LightAir, our seven years old daughter doesn’t have to inhale medicines anymore..."

Since her birth she has a light form of asthma and she frequently had to inhale medicines to get rid of the feeling that she is out of breath. Now that we have the IonFlow we rarely or almost never hear her complaining saying: I’m feeling out of breath, where is my puffer (Dutch word for the medicine breathing system). It is amazing how much dust and dirt is collected on the IonFlow. Is the world really as polluted as it looks.

The Booltink Family
End-consumer, Holland
"Our daughter Britt has asthma since she was born and we had to buy expensive medicines for the last thirteen years..."

Since we hung a LightAir in her room and placed a system in our living room she doesn’t need medicines anymore (we just stopped to see what would happen). This saves at least 600 euro of medicines every year (paid by the insurance companies). There are periods during the year when she still has problems if she is outside. As soon as she is home again she goes to her room for half an hour to catch her breath again. We should have had this system earlier. It would have saved us many visits to the hospital. Britt is now 100% free of inhaling medicines. She only uses them when we are on holidays.