Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning your IonFlow 50 is extremely easy and only takes a few minutes



Cleaning the collector


1.) Remove the collector from the ion generator and clean it with washing-up liquid, water and a soft sponge or dish brush
2.) Dry the collector with a dishtowel.
3.) Put the collector back on the ion generator according to instructions in the manual.

If you have followed all the above instructions but the collector is still not clean, try the following:
1.) Spray universal cleaning detergent all around the collector and let it work for 5 minutes.
2.) Use a damp sponge and rub any remaining spots until they disappear.
3.) Dry the collector with a towel and place it back on the ion generator according to instructionss.



Cleaning the ion generator, corona needles and acrylic stand


1.) Occasionally you may need to carefully clean the fragile corona needles. Use a small brush (e. g. a toothbrush) and carefully brush away the thin layer of white lime scale and dirt which may have attached to the needles. Do not use pressure or water when you clean the needles.
2.) Clean the ion generator and the acrylic stand with a damp cloth or sponge when needed. Wipe clean and rub away any remaining dirt. Dry with a towel. Do not allow the top and bottom to come into contact with water and be careful with the corona needles on the ion generator.



1.)  Do NOT wash the collector in the dishwasher.

2.)  Do NOT cover the top part of the ion generator where the three corona needles are located while the air purifier is working, as it may block the negative ions that are released.
3.)  Do NOT use cleaning products that contain alcohol solutions, ammonia or alkaline substances, as these products may damage the air purifier. 
4.) Always unplug the transformer before cleaning the air purifier.