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Benchmark Test - Particle Reduction

This benchmark test report shows that Lightair IonFlow 50 removes the smallest and most dangerous particles better then most air purifiers on the market! The test was conducted by SP, the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (Part of the Swedish Government, Ministry of Industry) in Sep 2008.



Nature Scientific Reports - Kills viruses


New study in Nature Scientific Reports shows that Lightair's patented ionization prevents the spread of viruses. Lightair IonFlow is the only air purification technology in history proven to effectively not only remove viruses from the air but also eliminate the infectivity of viruses in the air, according to scientific studies at Karolinska Institutet and Linköping University in Sweden published in one of the most cited scientific journals in the world.



Study summary


Benchmark Test - Noise

At home the best place to have an air purifier is in the bedroom where we spend almost a third of our lives. So the noise level is a very important aspect. Several countries in Europe have set a limit of 30dBA in bedrooms of new construction and EPA in the US considers 45dBA indoors to be a limit for disturbance and annoyance. Only air purifiers with a noise level below 45 dBA was included in the test.



Ozone Free

Lightair IonFlow 50 is probably the only ionizing air purifier that does not generate any ozone, but still is remarkably effective. Performed by Finnish VTT Technical Research Center of Finland which is a third party testing institute that are specialized in ionization and air quality.



Removes 88% Of All Mold Spores In Only 3 Hours

BDSF accredited test institute proves Lightair removes 88% of mold and spores after only 3 hours! The test was conducted in a real life environment to simulate reality.



Mold Laboratory Report

The complete mold laboratory report.



99% Clean Air

Tests conducted by SP, the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (Part of the Swedish Government, Ministry of Industry), show that Lightair IonFlow 50 effectively eliminates most  airborne particles (size 0.3-1.0 μm) in only 5 hours.



Efficient Over Time

SP, the Technical Research Institute of Sweden also prove that Lightair IonFlow 50 does not lose effect over time.



Real Life Test

A real life test conducted in the city center of Stockholm during office hours during 20 minutes. The test was performed by NIAQ (Nordic Instute for Air Quality).



SP - Particle Reduction Test - Candle Lights

These tests are concentrated on the small particles which are hazardous to our health (fine, ultrafine and nano particles). Burning candles are being used to generate soot particles from combustion of fossil fuels as it is the dominant substance of particles in the air and the size distribution is realistic.



SP - Particle Reduction Test - Cigarette Smoke

Testing of particle reduction of the smallest particles which are hazardous to our health (fine, ultrafine and nano particles) requires very sophisticated and expensive instruments able to register particle sizes down to 0.007 micron in several separate size intervals which were used by SP. Cigaretta smoke are very small particles that can stay airborne for up to two weeks.




ACL - Particle Reduction Test - Japan

Airborne particles of the sizes of 0.3 micron was reduced to 66% after 60  minutes operation of the air-purifier, over 90% after 100 minutes, more than 98% after 180 minutes.



LightAir IonFlow Air Purifying Capabilities At Fine Dust Printer Emissions - Vertrouwelijk - Holland

Switching on the Lightair IonFlow 50 prior to printing means that there are fewer particles in the air than if the Lightair IonFlow 50 is not switched on. Download Conclusion in English here. For full report in Dutch just send us an email and we will send it to you.



SGS - Bacteria Laboratory Test

91,5% elimination ratio.



SGS - Formaldehyde Laboratory Test

>99% removal rate in 24 hours.



SGS - Nicotine Laboratory Test 

43,7% removal rate in 10 minutes!









Karolinska Institute (Part of the Nobel Prize Committee) proves that ionization collects and inactivate influenza virus...


Mold report proves Lightair air purifier removes 88% of all mold spores in only 3 hours...



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